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"Shining a Light on the Entertainment Industry"™


- Owner - President and Award Winning Producer - Director - Writer - Actor

& Creator of the LFE Writer's Lab & LFE Production Company

An Award-Winning Entertainment Film company with a full service film production menu, committed to illuminating, transforming and "Shining a Light on the Entertainment Industry"™.

We stand for excellence, loyalty, beauty, and contribute to the art of moving and touching our audiences so they can experience what perhaps they would never experience without us at the helm.

Lightfield Entertainment is a group of writers and performers who have passionately established a safe-space environment which affords creativity, innovation, imagination and fruition of our story-telling to make a difference to our audiences.

lfe film highlight Reel


footage from some of our award winning films

We hope you enjoy this montage of footage from some of our award winning films.
Music: "The Traveling Symphony" by SAVFK

our contribution to the covid-19 crisis.

"COVID-19 Unmasked" Teaser

"COVID-19 UNMASKED" Watch party will be on February 19 at 7 pm.

Stay tuned for more details.

It’s a SYMPOSIUM for ALL to come and listen to Black and African Americans talk about today’s social climate, and how we can be hopeful. It is for everyone to

STOP what they’re doing,

LISTEN to black stories, and

UNDERSTAND so that we can begin to heal!

 film awards 


A Lightfield Entertainment Inc. Film

Best Ensemble

GOLD Film Festival Event

August 15th, 2020


A Lightfield Entertainment Inc. Film


Deborah Green - Actor


Susan Campochiaro Confrey - Co-Producer

Official Selection CANNES '71 Film Festival Short Corner 2018

WINNER Best Thriller Short - Manhattan Film Festival 2018

WINNER Best Acting, Sound Design, & Editing - Southern

SHORTS Festival Merit Awards for 2018.

Official Selection - Orlando Film Festival 2018

Official Selection - Lift-Off Global Network Toronto 2018

Official Selection - Silver State Film Festival


Official Selection - YoFiFest 2018

Nominee Best Editing, Short Filmquest 2018

"Flirty Thirty" a.k.a. "Oliver's Story"

A Lightfield Entertainment Film

Susan Campochiaro Confrey - Executive Producer & Director

Starring Nicholas Sotack


Susan Campochiaro Confrey - Co-Producer

WINNER  Best Ensemble - Los Angeles Film Awards

WINNER  Best Dramatic Feature - Manhattan Film Festival

WINNER  Best Lead - International Independent Film Awards

WINNER  Best Feature - Eurasia International Film Festival

Nominated Best Feature - Miami Independent Film Festival

Nominated Best Feathre Film - London International Motion Picture Awards 2019

Official Selection Los Angeles Cinefest

Official Selection Mediterranean Film Festival


A Lightfield Entertainment Inc. Film

Whit K. Lee - Writer


Watch the film:

WINNER  "Best Experimental Film Honorable Mention for Excellence in Filmmaking" at the Vegas Movie Awards October 2019

WINNER  "Excellence in Filmmaking" at the Inwood Film Festival 2017

 In the Can 


"Cinema Night" - Producer/Director

"Leaves" - Producer

"Fading Beacon"

"Longest Year"

"Gang Squad"

"All The Way Home"


"Power(less)" - Producer

"Monster" - Producer / Director

"The Platform" - Producer

"Flirty Thirty" - Producer / Director

a.k.a. Oliver's Story starring Nicholas Sotack


We have 7 scripts in pre-production.

 in development 


LFE has 17 total written scripts written and ready for filming. We are a team of diverse writers with a plethora of ideas, creativity and "know how" in all genres to get these scripts made and sold!

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