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LFE Headshots

Cinematic Transformational Photography

"A great headshot should be a moment of you on your best day."

-Joan D'Incecco, Casting Director

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One hour Session

5 different looks

LFE Headshots

Professionalism is our middle name.

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be ready for pilot season with your new awesome photos!

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LFE HeadshotS Testimonials

Getting headshots with LFE was easily the best photography experience I have had. Susan directed the whole session and her whole team was fast and efficient just like a well-oiled machine. Susan knew exactly what to say in a simple and professional manner to bring out the best look in me. I had four looks and we got all four done quickly and effectively...and wow do the end results look amazing. Susan and the LFE team made me shine like no other photo session has. I am very happy to recommend Light Field Entertainment for anyone who wants beautiful, professional, stellar headshots and for such an unbeatable price. Thank you LFE Team and especially Susan!

-Patrick Kenner

"Thank you VERY MUCH for the fantastic collection of photos!!! SO HAPPY!!! I'm most appreciative and grateful to you, Susan,  Whit and Joel  for allowing me the opportunity to work with a talented, creative, giving, encouraging 

and professional group of fellow artists in our NYC community. 

You're all so special, unique and I am most fortunate to have met you all, at this pivotal & wonderful juncture in my life, career & in the Universe."

-Rob Pendini

"Being a professional actor/ stunt performer for the last 9 years, I have had 9 sets of headshots. None of those sessions compared to the experience I had with the team at Lightfield Entertainment. They created an environment in which I was most comfortable to express the different looks I wanted to achieve... You cannot find a better place to have your headshots done!"

-Steve Mason

“I had a wonderful experience with Lightfield Entertainment and the positive, fun environment they created which is all reflected in my terrific headshots."

-Jeffrey Harmon Smith


“The genuine positive spirit and inspirational on-site coaching  provided by Susan to help bring out my best was truly exceptional. I deepened my relationship with the camera in a single session, and discovered better angles of my face to approach each look. Really appreciated the attention to detail and discussion about my strongest types that we wanted to showcase. Will be going back.

-Mark August


"Joel, Whit, and Susan (Coach) made me comfortable from the second I walked in, they were the most welcoming photography team I've ever worked with and not only put me at ease immediately, but brought out my personality and moxy through their coaching during the shoots. We were in constant feedback and I felt really empowered that they were adjusting to what I asked for and that their top priority was me - not a face in a churning mill of actors, but the vulnerability, power, beauty, humor, and sensuality that I bring to the table. I was an individual in their eyes, and my career goals were their career goals every second I was working with them. They were efficient, and did so without rushing me, and I knew exactly what their priorities were. They didn't want a gimmick, or to further their own brand through some signature trend, they wanted me to be at the forefront, and the medium to showcase my autheticity. There's no pulled punches here, just a forum for your talent to take it's rightful place front and center. And, my shots came out AMAZING! I Love them! and THE LFE Headshot Team."

-Jacqui Rego

“My photo session with LFE was an amazing experience- start to finish. These folks are pros who know how to get the most out of your time on set. The operation is super efficient and flexible - they changed lighting and backgrounds on a dime to get the right looks for theatrical, commercial, tv, film - everything I needed. They made every minute count, no wasted time or effort, which meant we could focus on the shoot...

...Because they are also a production company that works with actors all the time and they had a Director on set to get the right acting moment for each look I wanted with their years of industry knowledge and experience to get the shots that they know casting directors will want to see...

...Most of all LFE provided a relaxed, supportive, creative atmosphere that let me be me for the camera. We worked collaboratively, reviewing the shots on the monitor together and making adjustments to get it just right. No pressure. No anxiety. It was FUN!!!...

...I ended up with more great shots than I know what to do with. Choosing the best ones has been the only hard part...

...I honestly believe LFE is on a mission to deliver incredible service and incredible results at an incredible price. They did it for me and they can do it for you. Believe it!"

-Robert Gregory

"I recently had my headshots taken by LFE Headshots. It was easily the most efficient and productive photo session I’ve ever done. Susan made me feel instantly comfortable and brought out my personality and my essence, while the professional camera crew took great shots and kept things moving fast. We did seven looks in an hour! Highly recommend."

-Josh Silverman

"Lightfield Entertainment made it so easy for me to get the headshots I needed in one hour. I got numerous fantastic shots in all the styles that I needed. I’ve shot with photographers that wanted to shoot their vision without keeping my needs in mind, but Lightfield had a director on site that reminded me of the intention for each look. It was enjoyable and affordable. I recommend that every actor go get their headshots from Lightfield Entertainment!"

-Amanda Bailey


“This was the easiest, most productive headshot session I have ever had. Susan coached me on set and brought out the perfect expressions for each look ( 9 looks in 1 hour ). I felt so comfortable, at ease and able to fully express myself. Having an acting coach on set was unique and something I’ve never experienced before at a headshot session. Brilliant shots which would have cost me literally 3 to 4 times as much at other places.

-Whit K. Lee

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