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 Client success stories

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"The professionalism and expertise I experienced during a recent recording was exceptional. The staff and crew were extremely knowledgeable, creative, and adaptive in all aspects of the recording. They succinctly explained the process and allowed everything to flow so naturally. Their approach made it very easy to relax, reflect and talk about the subject material. I offer my highest support as I had a magnificent and rewarding experience with the company.
RB Out!"

-(Ret.) Lieutenant Gen. Ron Bailey (USMC)

"These folks rock! I recently appeared on an episode of the Showtime series BILLIONS and needed a clip of my work added to my actors reel ASAP. The team at Lightfield jumped on the project and had it turned in no time. Not only did they have great ideas about tightening the edit, they upgraded the image quality and added beginning and end credits that made the whole thing pop.  The finished clip is a really professional job that highlights my work perfectly. Thanks Lightfield!"

-Robert S. Gregory, Actor

"Lightfield Entertainment, Inc., a full service production company, owned by Susan Campochiaro Confrey, combines both generosity of attention to clients’ needs and whip-smart, super-competent attention to detail. I was amazed at the care they took in consulting us -- the unusual preparations they made time for in making themselves ready to shoot this play we (Jump Rhythm®) premiered this past spring in NYC, and led on-site by the remarkable actor- D.P.,  Whit K. Lee. They interacted with us both as good, sensitive people and as artistically savvy craftspeople."

-Billy Siegenfeld, creator and performer, 

What Do You Want To Be When You Give Up?

“The experience I had with Susan and the entire staff at  Lightfield Entertainment was second to none. From the moment I met Susan and her team, I knew I was in great hands. I was thrilled with the  level of professionalism, passion and talent that they demonstrated. The final product is a vision and I am ecstatic with the results. I can’t wait for my next show just so I can again work with all of them. Thank you Lightfield Entertainment!”

-Vicky Dussich

"Working with Lightfield Entertainment was a pleasure. The team was efficient and professional, and made us comfortable in our interview. Susan coordinated everything, and helped us have a successful interview."

-Marty Kenner

"Susan was an excellent interviewer. She put us at ease while covering difficult subject matter with us. She also prepared us for the interview experience and helped us understand the process, so that our interview could be most successful."

-Pam Kenner

"Susan was wonderful. She was very warm and welcoming from the start. Lightfield Entertainment was professional and efficient. They made me feel at ease discussing growing up with my condition. It was a great experience."

-Patrick Kenner, Actor

“Being filmed by Lightfield Entertainment was an exhilarating experience. They assembled their impressive equipment, turning my living room into a movie set. I thought I’d be nervous but Susan sat opposite me, looking at me and giving supportive gestures so it felt like just a normal conversation. The crew were smooth and calm. In all, a thoroughly professional team and so easy to work with.” 

-Marion Cuba, Author

"Working with Lightfield Entertainnent was a pleasure. They asked all the right questions and took care of all the details. It really allowed me to focus on the artistic side of being a conductor. They made sure that the footage was going to be captured in the optical conditions, bringing in and setting up lights. They’re deliverables are extremely well produced. The sound and picture was of the highest quality. They were every conductor’s dream solution to the problem of capturing good footage for one’s portfolio." 

-Alicia Liu, Conductor


“Thank you so much to Lightfield Entertainment for my amazing new headshots. It was such an amazing experience! Having a coach ON SET made all the difference in the world-- I felt comfortable, at ease and completely empowered to let my true self shine through! I have never had so much fun at a photo session. High quality equipment + affordable pricing + multiple looks = one happy actor! I HIGHLY recommend Lightfield Entertainment, Inc!!”

-Kimber Benedict, Actor


“I was recently gifted a legacy film from my family. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. Lightfield Entertainment Inc were very professional on set and made me feel so comfortable. Susan was so helpful and really helped me tell my story. I am very happy to have met them. Thank you so much for this once in a lifetime experience.”

Damian Andrisano, Legacy film

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