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SUSAN CAMPOCHIARO CONFREY - LFE Owner - Award Winning Producer - Director - Writer - Actor

Lightfield Entertainment is an Entertainment & Full-Service Film Production company committed to illuminating, transforming and ‘Shining a Light on the Entertainment Industry’™.  We stand for 100% Integrity, Community, and Empowerment of ourselves and others. Lightfield Entertainment is a group of writers, performers and producers who have passionately established a safe-space environment which affords creativity, innovation, imagination and fruition of our story telling to make a difference to our audiences. We stand for excellence, loyalty, beauty, and contribute to the art of moving and touching our audiences so they can experience what perhaps they would never experience without us at the helm.

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AMANDA - Actor - Writer

I am passionate about writing because I believe the stories I write can help heal, connect, bring joy, laughter, and understanding.


Lightfield Entertainment is a production company that is committed to bringing light, honesty, and integrity through the works that we produce and support.  We are a team of collaborators that generate and transform our ideas from thought--in our Lightfield Entertainment Writer's Lab--to reality.  We create a safe space that allows the work to be vulnerable, inspired, and empowered by the collective energy we put into it. By being transparent, we allow ourselves to grow to and beyond our possibilities.


DEBORAH - Actor - Writer

Being a writer gives characters and stories that live in my imagination and soul, a chance to breathe life with the intention of bringing people together and giving joy to others. 


Lightfield Entertainment Inc. is a production company committed to creating opportunity through teamwork, collaboration of creativity, shared passion, originality and integrity to each other, the work and the community.  We are artists in perpetual creative action taking seeds of thought and growing them into fruition. Our intention is to create exciting original work that generates feelings of community, conversation and connection.


WHIT - Actor - Writer

I am a writer to inspire actions for the equal treatment of all people, especially Asian-American's and others who's voices are underrepresented.

As creators, we are a diverse and cohesive family with unique voices. It is our mission to create work that inspires laughter, deeper thought about the current state of our world, and work that educates. Lightfield Entertainment is both limitless and practical.

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JOEL - Actor - Writer

Creating with the power of the written word opens hearts and minds through characters and imagery moving multitudes I could never otherwise reach. 


We align as a team creating unfolding filmic dreams that illuminate the darkness from the core of our beings. Our Essence is Transformation, Artistry, Inspiration, Integrity, Grace, Humor, Excellence, Joy & Love.

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JOSH - Actor - Writer

Being a writer fills me with life whenever I get to play with words, create new worlds and new characters, collaborate with other writers, construct gags, make people laugh, and bring my stories out into the world -- it's how I get to be a part of something bigger than myself.


Lightfield Entertainment is a platform for a committed team of actors, writers, filmmakers, producers, and artists to create, expand, grow, and give back as they collaborate to bring their original stories to life. Members of LFE act with integrity and honesty as they inspire and empower each other to bring their creative passions to life.

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ROBERT - Actor - Writer

I can fulfill my life’s mission to touch people and change lives, far beyond what I can do as a single performer speaking another writer’s words


Lightfield Entertainment is a production company committed to delivering impactful content that touches people. The LFE Writer’s Lab offers a creative incubator for talented writers, performers, and producers where imagination is nurtured and technique is honed, where ideas can find their fullest expression in work of the highest quality. We support each other in pursuit of a common calling: to create audience experiences that awaken the emotions, enliven the mind, and enrich the soul, with beauty, passion, excellence, boundless energy, and, above all, integrity.


JUSTIN - Actor - Writer

It is thanks to Lightfield Entertiainment, that I am a writer and  given the freedom and the opportunity to create. As LFE writers, we create original concepts and ideas that we wish to see come to life on the screen as a film or tv show  


Lightfield Entertainment is an Entertainment and full fledged production company dedicated to creating and producing original, thought-provoking, innovative, and powerful work where anyone who has a voice can be heard. This is based off the concept that everyone that works for Lightfield understands the importance of integrity and working together as a team to see these dreams become a reality from a thought on paper to coming to life on the screen.

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