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Legacy Films

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Legacy Films
Legacy Films Behinds the Scenes Montage
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Lieutenant General Ronald L. Bailey
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"The Likelihood of You"
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Marion Cuba Author of Shanghai Legacy
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sizzle reel in post production. Stay tuned.

We are so proud of Amanda Bailey on her Dad, General Ronald Bailey's dedication.



Watch the video here:


The Legacy Series makes a perfect gift:

  • New moms: Record a gift to your precious bundle to be watched when they hit a special milestone birthday! Imagine having a gorgeous film to present to your new baby on their 18th birthday!

  • Anniversary: Give the gift to the lovebirds and let them recount their love story and rewatch it on every anniversary! 

  • Milestone birthdays: Gift your grandparents the gift of eternity with the Legacy series. You know you love hearing their stories (again and again!). Treat them like the stars they are with the Legacy series!

  • Business owners: Ensure that your company continues the legacy that you’ve put in place. Film your principles and values to make certain your legacy and practices are carried on.

*For more details such as rates and packages, and custom made films just for you, please contact us at for your quote today! Thank you. Looking forward to your call and preserving your precious memories. 

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